At International Testing Pipelines, S.A., we have been working for over 40 years in the international sector of gas, oil and water pipelines and tanks, for both industrial and public consumption.

The extensive experience gained over the years, our team’s talent, use of specific technical resources and the international vision are our fundamental pillars.


At ITP Service we aim for…


ITP Service activities fundamentally involve cleaning, pressure testing, inspecting, drying and inerting carried out in the testing and system acceptance phase. Subsequently, it provides support services for the operating of existing facilities.

The know-how and experience gained by ITP Service over the years has enabled us to create our own action methodology based on testing procedures and current regulations covering every step of the entire spectrum of tasks to be carried out.


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Commitment to quality is an essential factor in the success of all projects, which is fundamental in achieving client satisfaction.


For ITP Service, in addition to client satisfaction, meeting the expectations of the communities in which the company works, protecting the environment and constantly ensuring the development and safety of workers are also of utmost importance.

Human resources and professional talent

Continuous training is one of the key points in our quality policy. Thanks to this training, ITP Service has a highly qualified and fully committed team of specialists that always strives to provide the quickest and safest solution.


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The best technology for each case

At ITP Service, we have the appropriate technical resources for every stage of work that meet the magnitude and difficulty of each project. Furthermore, our equipment complies the quality and operational efficiency requirements provided for by EC regulations and Royal Decree 1215/97.

International offices

Our international vision has led us to have offices in different parts of the world. At these offices, the entire team works tirelessly to improve the everyday life of our clients.

  • MÓRA D’EBRE – International Testing Pipelines S.A.Spain
  • International Testing Pipelines Do Brasil LTDABrasil
  • International Testing Pipelines Mexico, S.A. de C.V.Mexico

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